Doug Mann

By: Rita DuChateau

Many area residents know Doug Mann as a nonprofit administrator, ordained minister, speaker, educator, traveler and Rotarian. Add author to that list, as Mann’s Jericho March, was published on Sept. 28. It chronicles his personal faith journey.

Mann, a Pinewood Springs resident, has worked in nonprofit management with Nehemiah Gateway USA and is currently Director of Marketplace Missions and Alpha Relief at Global Advance, Inc. A member of The Rotary Club of Estes Park, he served as its president in 2019-20.

In Jericho March, Mann chronicles his humanitarian work in some of the world’s most dangerous locales, including Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and The Balkans. The publisher describes the book:

“Braving discovery and arrest, Doug smuggled Bibles behind the Cold War Iron Curtain, helped facilitate a hostage recovery with Somali pirates, navigated humanitarian relief efforts during the Kosovo War, and traveled in tumultuous Sudan. Throughout it all, Doug's faith was challenged and strengthened as he learned that God was always bigger than his circumstances.”

Mann’s desire to share his story with his three adult children prompted him to write the book. Once into the process, he saw the possibility that a wider audience might find his story interesting.

“My kids have always known about our travels and adventures, as they’ve lived some of them with us, but I wanted to write my experiences down so that they would get the big picture as to what was going on with their parents during those early years of their lives,” Mann said.

As Covid-19 advanced, Mann’s international travel to Pakistan, Croatia, Ecuador and Uganda for Global Advance was canceled, giving him more time to focus on compiling notes and crafting his book. While he enjoys writing, Mann notes that the yearlong process of writing this book was more difficult than he anticipated.

“I had been challenged for years by a work colleague to write a book detailing my adventures up to this point in life, but I have always been reluctant to do so,” Mann said. “In November of this past year (2019) I started looking over notes that I had taken over the years of events that had transpired during my journeys. I realized that it was now or never if I wanted to actually write this book.”

Mann credits three professional editors for polishing his writing, but one of them, his wife Michelle, “was outstanding.”

Jericho March is available from Freiling Publishing on Amazon and Mann’s website, for $13.99.

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