Estes Chamber Inducts New Board Member, Carissa Strieb

The Estes Chamber of Commerce replaced a vacant board position this week with Carissa Strieb, owner of Simply Christmas on West Elkhorn Ave.

“It became clear to me in my first week that we needed representation on the board from our downtown business community,” Executive Director Donna Carlson said. “The first time I called Carissa to introduce myself, her response was, ‘Chamber? No thanks.’ After we talked for an hour, she told me how delightful it is to hear a new perspective. I wanted her on the board to help us serve other business owners who are feeling frustrated and unheard.”

Carissa has been the owner and operator of Simply Christmas at 129 West Elkhorn since 2014. Her parents purchased the building as The Old Log Cabin restaurant in 1984 and a few years later turned it into a Christmas store, which also sports a considerable sports fan merchandise section. Carissa was born in Estes Park and has lived here all her life; when her father passed away in 2014, she assumed total control of the store. She’s been very active in the West Elkhorn business community and will provide a much-needed downtown business perspective to our Board.

The position was vacated in May 2020 by Jason Owners, a consultant and founding member who was instrumental to the foundation of the Chamber. Jason has taken on significant success in his consulting business that requires his attention. He remains a valuable advisor to the Chamber.

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