The Studio Tour invites neighbors, friends, the creative curious, shoppers and talkers (who love to learn) into the studios of professional artists living in Estes. Ten local artists will open their home studios to demonstrate their fine art and craft process: from woodturning to drawing, silk painting to prayer wheels. The Estes Park Studio Tour is Saturday and Sunday, September 18 and 19, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. both days.

There are a total of 15 artists participating in this event (10 hosts and five guest artists). Each location has an identifying number; visitors are invited to visit one studio or all seven. Some locations are right off the highway; others are up a dirt road. The Studio Tour is a great way to see work in progress, wild starts, and mis-fired ideas. Finished work will also be available for sale.

Many of the artists in this event are inspired by our natural environment, it is hard not to be enamored with the Rocky Mountain ecosystem. Three artists in particular render realistic to interpretive drawings, paintings, and sculptures that mimic feathers, landscape, flowers and more.

Fine artist Patricia Greenberg draws in a quiet room under a bright light, sometimes with a magnifying lamp. The work is exact, intensely accurate, almost meditative. It is hard to even believe it is a drawing! She renders her drawings on coquille paper, which has a textured surface of tiny scallops. Her subject matter includes portraiture and flora and fauna. Her original drawings will be exhibited. Reproductions of her work and sets of small picnic plates (reproduced from her drawings) will also be available. Her home is at the base of Old Man Mountain.

Deedee Hampton is a storyteller and cultural commentator; she loves humor, irony, color and beauty. Her studio is a playful library full of clay, glass, metal, paint, wood—all materials she uses to create paintings, totems, and metal embossed idioms. You may know Deedee’s Spirit Animal paintings from the utility boxes she painted near the post office and the banner hanging from the Estes parking garage. Deedee will be showing small clay figurative garden & house plant totems, unique mosaics for the garden made of glass and china on Colorado rocks and paintings. Her home is a veritable folk-art museum from her travels throughout Central America and Asia. Deedee’s studio is located on Chasm Lane off Devils Gulch Rd., just east of the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead.

Karen Barnett creates intensely colored abstract paintings and plein aire pastels. Some of the work is abstract—it might be described as large blocks (or fields) of color with expressive lines and marks, whereas some of her work is representational—you know you are in a forest or looking down the valley floor. She also has a long history of working in ceramic wall tiles, usually set in showers, as backsplashes, or entire walls. Her home overlooks the Estes Valley from the north side, just past Eagle Rock school.

Printed maps are now available at Kind Coffee, Lumpy Ridge Brewing, and Bird & Jim Restaurant. Information on artists, examples of their work, and an interactive map can be found on

This event is founded and funded by artists. Realtor Heidi Riedesel, Aspen Brook Vacation Rentals, Dr. Daniel Rauk, the Estes Arts District, Bird & Jim Restaurant and Kind Coffee provide additional support. Viva Creative Culture!

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