Community Partnerships – The Lodges At Black Canyon Inn

From left to right: Dennis Pettitt, President of the Lodges at Black Canyon Inn; Kevin Sullivan, EVFPD 

The Estes Valley Fire Protection District would like to recognize community member Mr. Dennis Pettitt, President of the Lodges at Black Canyon Homeowners’ Association, for his exceptional commitment to improving fire and life-safety in his neighborhood and for those who visit our community.

The Black Canyon Inn complex consisted of multiple buildings which shared a single address number, and this presented a real challenge for first responders should a timely response be needed. Mr. Pettitt worked directly with the Estes Valley Fire Prevention Division and the Town of Estes Park Community Development Department to successfully correct and improve the addressing for this complex and to meet requirements of the adopted Fire Code. This project included a private street name and sign, installation of wayfinding signage, and correct unit and building identification.

Coincidentally, Estes Valley Fire crews responded to an incident shortly after this project was completed, and we were immediately able to find the building and unit in need due to the good work of Mr. Pettitt.

We champion community members like Dennis Pettitt who collaborate in a partnership approach to improve community safety and to help us achieve our mission of providing the residents and guests to the Estes Valley with superior fire protection, fire prevention, and emergency services in a safe and efficient manner.

If you have questions about how you can contribute to community safety, please contact the Estes Valley Fire Protection District at phone (970) 577-0900.

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