EVICS Supports Quality In Local Early Childhood Programs

Research shows that quality matters in early childhood programs. When young children have access to a nurturing learning environment and high-quality care, they are better prepared for school and life success. School readiness is more than knowing numbers, letters and colors. The early years are the most critical time for brain development, and experiences during these years set the trajectory for a person’s ability to think critically, solve problems, get along with others, and regulate emotions.

This spring, Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success (EVICS) was pleased to be able to offer “mini-grants” to licensed childcare and preschool programs who requested support. Programs could apply for any projects, materials, supplies, or initiatives, which would benefit the quality of their program and affect the positive experience for children in their care.

Grants were awarded as follows:

• $500 to Mountain Top Preschool and Childcare Center for new cubby lockers for children to store jackets and belongings, and cabinets to store yoga mats

• $500 to Life Long Learning of Estes Valley Preschool for new art and science supplies.

• $500 to Rose’s Child Care to acquire new outdoor play equipment, books and arts and crafts materials.

EVICS provides services to strengthen and support families and children in the early years of life. Many thanks to the numerous community groups, individuals, and businesses who support the EVICS Family Resource Center and make a difference for young children and families in the Estes Valley.

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