Third Street Traffic Calming Pilot Program

The Town of Estes Park will test a traffic calming pilot program on Third Street to help reduce the amount of cut-through traffic between State Highway 7 and U.S. 36. Residents of Third Street provided feedback to the Town stating that traffic frequently speeds between the two highways, which creates an unsafe situation in the narrow and congested neighborhood roadway.

The Town will hold two outdoor, neighborhood site meetings to discuss this pilot program. The first meeting will be held Wednesday, July 15 at the corner of Third Street and South Court at 5 p.m., and will introduce the planned approach as well as an online survey that will be available to citizens during the testing period. The second neighborhood meeting will be held Wednesday, August 26 at the same location, at the corner of Third Street and South Court, at 5 p.m. This follow-up meeting will discuss the effectiveness of the pilot program and will present the survey results, which will lead into a discussion to help the Town develop a solution for the future. Participants are asked to wear masks during the meeting.

The pilot program will introduce "Road Closed To Thru Traffic" barricades (8 feet wide) centered in the roadway at each end of 3rd Street, which will leave approximately 12 feet on either side of the barricade for local traffic to enter and exit. These devices will be installed Wednesday, July 22 and are planned to be removed Wednesday, August 19. A diagram of the pilot program is included with this press release.

On November 20, 2019, the Town hosted an open house to discuss issues and options for improving this street including traffic flow, traffic calming, pedestrian safety, and parking. During the meeting, Public Works Director Greg Muhonen discussed the current safety and traffic issues associated with Third Street, and potential traffic calming solutions. Six different conceptual designs for traffic and parking configurations were presented for consideration and public comment. As a result of the meeting, the Town decided to test traffic calming concepts on Third Street prior to moving forward with a final design.

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