Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

By: Linda Tyler, Executive Director, Greenwood

Comfort in the world often develops in strange ways. This is the tale of three young birds that formed an essential bond that would help them thrive throughout their time at Greenwood.

A killdeer was found wandering around a construction site all alone. Given it was too young to fend for itself, a caring rescuer brought the baby to Greenwood. When the chick first arrived, it seemed to be in good health. Our rehabilitation team was concerned that the little one would do poorly without companions. Since they are social birds, killdeer can get stressed if they don’t have company. The staff set out to find the orphan a suitable cohort.

We introduced a quail chick to the killdeer’s enclosure, and they quickly bonded. The quail followed the killdeer as it scuttled around on its long legs. When they were ready to sleep, they would scooch close to each other under their feather-duster surrogate mom. A short time later, Greenwood received a single mallard orphan who joined the duo. Soon all three were inseparable. Together they pecked at their feed, cuddled under their feather duster, and shuffled around their enclosure, soaking up the heat from the light above.

Once their feathers replaced the fluff, they were moved into an outdoor enclosure—our “Duck Beach” facility. The caging in the beach was specifically created for them, ensuring they had a sandy substrate to roam on, shady branches to hide under, shallow pools for wading, and plenty of tasty feed to help them grow.

While the trio had become cozy companions at Greenwood, they each had to graduate to wild freedom and return to the habitat best suited for them. After a month, the killdeer grew into a full-sized shorebird. It started to show the others its cool new ability: flight. That’s when our rehabilitators knew it was time for release. Staff found a mudflat where others killdeer were known to hang out. The staff heard the iconic “Ki-DEE! Ki-DEE!” call of an adult nearby as they opened the bin for the rehabilitated bird. It scurried toward the shoreline and took a healthy swig of lake water before exploring its surroundings. We are sure the killdeer was happy to join others of its kind once again. The other two babies had a little more growing to do before they were turned loose. It was great that they could keep each other company during their time at our center.

Virtual Annual Gala Benefits Orphaned and Injured Wildlife

Wild Night for Wildlife Raises Critical Funds for Wildlife Rehabilitation

Greenwood looks forward to hosting our annual event to benefit the orphaned and injured wild animals in our care. Each year, this fundraiser helps us with lifesaving funds for critters in need.

Please join us on Friday, September 24th from your couch as we livestream from the Boulder Jewish Community Center stage. Live auction offerings include a golf vacation in Tucson, tour of Stephen Tebo's ultra-rare vehicle collection in Longmont, a weekend sailing trip in San Diego, getaways to Delray Beach FL and Dillon CO, plus many more incredible experiences!

The evening will start with Happy Hour from 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm. Join the fun as emcee Gary Shapiro from 9News kicks off a night of giving. The event program is from 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm. Attendees can participate in the live auction led by entertaining auctioneer Don Martin, followed by the heart-warming special appeal.

Our online auction opens mid-morning Wednesday, September 22, and closes 7pm, Tuesday, September 28. We have over 160 items, there’s something for everyone.

Register today at for free. Donations are always welcome to offset our costs.

More about Greenwood

Greenwood’s mission is to rehabilitate orphaned, injured, and sick wildlife for release into appropriate habitats. In 2020, nearly 3,200 orphaned, sick, and injured animals were brought to to us for aid. Greenwood also strives to educate the public, emphasizing humane solutions to human/wildlife interactions. For more information, please visit:

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