During the current pandemic, Estes Park School cafeteria staff members have been busy ensuring that no child goes hungry.

Theresa Montgomery, Nutrition Services Coordinator at the Estes Park School District wants us all to know how much she appreciates those who work with her so we may all show our sincere appreciation for these amazing, loving and caring Lunch Ladies! She said, “I don’t know if I’ve ever been more proud of an achievement in my life made by a team I was part of, and I want to be sure that the souls responsible for this effort, past and present, (and it is a huge effort) are known.

All of these wonderful people have worked without stopping, to help feed the children of this community.

We have supplied the Estes Park children with 126,933 free meals from March 2020-March 2021. I’m so proud of this effort. My hope is that the number gets higher! These ladies worked their summer break, wildfire evacuations, Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring breaks to make sure our kids were fed! Thank you all for your selfless giving to our kids!”

Front row, Gretchen Jackson, Maria Yazzie, Theresa Montgomery, back row, Laurie Emmer, Lisa Garner LaDonna Thoms and Cecy Avitia. Also, a special shout out to Esther Friesen, Sarah Pevney, Lizbeth Burkhardt, Jacqui Ditamno, Cindy Kufeld, Jody Steckline and Brian Lund and our volunteers who helped us get all these meals delivered. Thank you!

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