Nonprofit Relief Fund Transfers Assets To Crossroads Ministry For Rental Assistance

By: Estes Park Nonprofit Resource

Center (EPNRC)

In response to COVID-19 and the adaptations it requires, EPNRC established the EP Nonprofit Relief Fund in early April 2020 for disbursement within Estes Park. This fund supported any operational need that contributed to the execution of an essential service and/or basic need in our community.

COVID shut down in-person fundraising events and made it difficult for some nonprofits to offer services. Almost half of all money awarded by the Relief Fund helped offset nonprofits’ loss of income. Other funds supported basic needs of the community (food, showers, groceries, gas cards); technology and equipment that enhanced services (a new phone line at Crossroads, internet connection and upgrades for students, remote access for crisis supporters); support of innovative programming (the Estes Valley Land Trust initiated a Conservation Corps that awarded money to community members in exchange for conservation work); and direct support to Latinx families in need.

EPNRC would like to say “Thank you” again to the generous individuals who allowed us to say YES to the needs of our local community. We would also like to acknowledge the Village Thrift Shop for their donation to support nonprofit services. Every individual who purchased T-shirts through the EPNRC Marketplace also helped make this happen.

As COVID continues, sustaining loss of income—or a reduction in income—has increased the need for rent and utilities assistance. Crossroads Ministry has received requests for over $35,000 in rent assistance in the month of November alone (prior to Thanksgiving). EPNRC is pleased to offer the balance of the Nonprofit Relief Fund, $13,500, to Crossroads Ministry in an effort to respond to this need.

If you would like to talk about how to make a local contribution that matches your values, contact Laurie Dale Marshall, Executive Director of Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center at

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