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The Estes Park Museum has nearly 30 volunteers that donate a cumulative average of 2,500 hours supporting the museum every year – that is equivalent to $63,575! It is evident that the museum could not function without these invaluable individuals helping the museum achieve its mission on a d… Read more

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The Town of Estes Park is asking citizens, especially those with school-aged children, to provide feedback in a virtual “open house” format. Community input is important and will help guide the design of the Graves Avenue improvements for the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) project. Please visi… Read more

How the Rooftop went from Estes Park's sixth annual rodeo in 1946 to its fortieth annual rodeo in 1966, just twenty years later, is a funny story, one that the Estes Park Archives will recount this Saturday, May 15, at its free weekly program at 240 Moraine Avenue. Read more

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On Thursday afternoon, May 13, park rangers at Rocky Mountain National Park responded to cell phone reports from park visitors who indicated there was a man running down the Gem Lake Trail, toward the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead parking area, yelling that he was being chased by someone with a rifl… Read more