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Your Decision Will Change Views In Estes Park Forever

To The Editor:

Selling Lot 4 to Grand Heritage Hotel group will result in the loss of the iconic view of the Stanley Hotel known around the world. There is no way massive white buildings with red roofs towering 30 feet over Safeway, will not dominate the landscape. Proponents for the sale, state that views in town will not be impacted. They then state that the Estes Park planning staff reviewed the plans, and concurred that the structures would not impede the view of the Stanley Hotel. They fail to say that the measurements are taken from only two legally required places, the junction of Highways 34 and 36, and the visitor center parking lot. Those two locations do not make the town. Drive down Highway 7, or 36, or Steamer Parkway, or walk the Lake Estes Trail, and what will you see? The notion this will not affect views in town is wrong!

Many will say advocating for conservation is being against the town and progress. That is, of course, the familiar refrain you’ve heard from developers no matter where you’ve lived. Most of the individuals involved in promoting the conservation easement came from the world of business, and understand the importance of having a revenue stream sufficient to support operations. I believe many of the benefits could be achieved without destroying open Landscape. The hotel can be built on property already owned by the Stanley. The Wellness center, if it is indeed going to benefit the EPMC, should be built adjacent to the medical center, where the doctors can be fully utilized, and serve the community, as well as visitors.

I believe most residents want the community to retain the characteristics that brought them here. I believe conserving Lot 4 as permanent open space is one step in that direction. I believe the founders of the Stanley Hotel would want that also.

Marlene Hayek

Estes Park


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