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Yes For The Recreation District Bond And Mill Levy

I’ve been reading lately about good governance –- how a non-profit board measures its own success. I have served on several boards and it seems plain that good governance is about asking the right questions of your constituents, then delivering the goods (preferably with some oomph) on time, on task and on budget.

This year the Recreation District has ballot issues that address the right questions: upkeep of existing sites and the promise of a New Community Center. The first topic, maintaining the investment of past funds by repairing and upgrading current assets, is a matter of protecting the public trust.  The second topic, transforming the site of the unused former elementary school into a year-round community center (that’s the oomph – indoor walking track, public meeting rooms, athletic facilities and family resources), is a matter of responsiveness to public demand. Both make for first-rate public policy.

As my grandmother said, preserving what you’ve got saves money in the long run. That timeless tenet applies to healthy trees, revenue-generating golf courses and scenic trails. This is especially true during an economic down turn; it’s just smart business to take care of what you already have. Further, it is an investment in the very future we seek for our neighbors and ourselves. In summary, the Recreation District is attending to stewardship and planning for the years ahead.

Taking care of “infrastructure” may lack ballot box excitement, yet it is the very evidence of good governance. Folks who have served on a board (or cared for a business, owned a home, etc.) understand that proper maintenance and upkeep require continuous, albeit reasonable investment. For an independent district, this requires going to the voters. It’s like a call-and-response. “You asked us to accomplish certain things. This is how we’ve planned to meet your needs. Each month you’ll receive these benefits, and it’ll cost you less than your Netflix subscription or greeting cards and a book of stamps. Have we heard you right?”

Success for the Recreation District will be measured by how well it meets the community needs it has been asked to address. These include wintertime pursuits for our growing senior population, activities for children and their grown-ups, and a place for us to come together in recreation, learning and community connections.

The start-up investment is small for such a vitalizing return.

I hope you join me and vote “Yes” for good governance and for delivering the goods to the Estes Valley.

Claudine Perrault

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