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With Warmer Weather, Bears Are Waking Up!

By: Kris Hazelton

With the warm weather in Estes Park, the bears are beginning to awaken a bit earlier this season and as usual, they’re waking up hungry!

The thing to remember is that when they wake up and there is not much natural food for them to eat, they will gravitate toward human food sources.

The bears are going to be looking for some quick and easy food sources and that would be garbage cans and dumpsters, birdfeeders (suet and seed feeders), fruit trees.

Residents are advised to keep human attractants away from bears, especially garbage!

Keep trash in bear proof areas

Do not put trash out until the morning of pickup

Use “bear proof” garbage containers or electric fencing

Do not feed pets outdoors and remove uneaten pet food immediately after feeding

Bear-proof gardens and compost

Bring in your birdfeeders and suet feeders

Clean BBQ grills or keep them in bear proof areas

Keep a clean car-Never leave food, trash, pet food or coolers in your car. Bears will tear open doors and break windshields.

Also, don’t be hesitant to educate your neighbors. If you follow these steps but neighbors don’t, bears will still come to your backyard.

By following just a few easy tips, we can live all learn to live in harmony with these bruins. By keeping bears out of your backyard, you help them live longer. Bears that become accustomed to people usually must be put down to keep you safe.

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