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Windcliff POA Donates To Estes Valley Fire Protection District

On Friday, December 28th the Windcliff Property Owners Association presented the Estes Valley Fire Protection District with a $5,000 check. The Windcliff POA Board President, Bud Duryea, stated that “beyond an expression of sincere gratitude, we see this donation as an investment in the community safety and hope that this gesture will serve as a compelling call to other members of the Estes Valley community to follow suit. It is an opportunity to respond to the challenges of mountain living by providing additional and more advanced resources necessary to protect our cherished way of life against future potentially catastrophic threats such as Fern Lake, Woodland Heights, Big Elk Meadow and High Park.” The gift is restricted for the purpose of future vehicles.

Windcliff POA has been recognized as a “Firewise Community.” Working through the National Association of State Foresters (NASF), state forestry agencies support the Firewise Communities/USA recognition effort. The program is a nationwide initiative that recognizes communities for taking action to protect people and properties from the risk of fire in the wildland/urban interface. This program is of special interest to small communities and neighborhood associations that are willing to mitigate against wildfire by adopting and implementing programs tailored to their needs. The communities create the programs themselves with cooperative assistance from state forestry agencies and local fire staff.

Fire Chief Scott Dorman commented that the much appreciated donation would help to offset the cost of replacing Engine 5, a 1976 Type 6 engine, with a more versatile $400,000 Wildland Urban Interface Type 3 engine equipped to meet the needs of a fighting both structure and wildland fires, similar to the needs of the Woodland Heights fire in June. The vehicle has a short wheel base and 4 wheel drive required to access some of the remote areas in the district. The committee (which includes Chief Dorman and Board treasurer, Doug Klink) researching the purchase is also considering the addition of a $60,000 Compressed Air Foam System (CAF) which would help significantly in protecting areas from oncoming fire. Unless otherwise directed the Chief said any additional donations received will go to offset the cost of the replacement vehicle. This year’s fires have been evidence that the needs of the District must change to meet the challenges we have, and will continue to face, in protecting the Community.

President of the EVFPD Board, Sue Doylen added, “The response challenges the District has faced this year have been huge but they have been met head-on by our highly trained and skilled volunteers and staff. The biggest financial challenges the board faces in the future will be to keep up with the increasing equipment and vehicle replacement needs. We are able to keep insurance costs and property taxes to the citizens and businesses of the District low because we have highly trained and dedicated volunteers who give generously of their time. As a community we must continue to equip them with the best equipment and tools possible to achieve the best results. We thank Windcliff POA for their generous gift and community safety leadership.” Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Fire Department to offset the growing needs and insure ongoing community safety.

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