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Wildlife Can Entangle Themselves In Just About Anything!

photos by EP NEWS/ Kris Hazelton ©

Homeowners encouraged to bring in or stow away items elk may tangle with

By: Kris Hazelton, CDOW Volunteer

The elk rut in the Estes Valley is underway and the Colorado Division of Wildlife now urges everyone to please look around your homes, yards and businesses for items that the bulls may get tangled up in.

When bull elk are pumped up with testosterone, anything that moves can be of interest to that bull. Swings, hammocks, volleyball nets and tire swings blowing in the wind pose a challenge for the elk and they will approach these items and actually spar with them. This can be a very dangerous practice as their antlers can easily become entangled in these items we have all around our homes and yards.

The CDOW is urging all residents to bring these items in for the fall, to avoid any encounters such as the entangled animals shown on this page.

According to Rick Spowart, CDOW Wildlife Manager, they recently helped a young bull with wire fencing tangled around his antlers, neck and body. These objects can easily wrap around a tree trapping the animal with it.

Lets make sure to look over our yards and bring in anything that might pose an entrapment hazard for our resident elk with which we share our beautiful mountain community.

Also, the CDOW wants to remind everyone to enjoy watching the elk, but please do so at a safe and respectable distance to the animals.

Last year, a particularly ‘pumped up’ bull charged several cars and rammed his antlers into cars and windows, causing damage. The bull ended up the season having to have his antlers cut off for the safety of the public.

Please remember to be careful around the bull elk this fall, they can be very unpredictable as they are more concerned with each other than they are with humans or automobiles.


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