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Who Really Owns Estes Valley?

To The Editor:

Is it the developers who will do just about anything, if they can make enough profit on it? Is it the builders who feel if something is good for them, it is good for Estes Valley? Or is it the residents of Estes Valley? Is it the people who live here, vote here, and pay taxes here?

Majority Rule has been popular in our country for several hundred years. It means the people decide on major issues and we all do what is best for the most people. Now the Estes Planning Department comes up with the ADU (accessory dwelling unit) concept. As proposed, it would allow each of your neighbors to put a 1,000 square foot shack just 15 feet off your lot line. What if it is in the middle of your best view? Well that’s okay as long as it is not more than 30 feet high. When you drive through the Estes Valley, try to visualize an extra building (the size of a large cabin or small house) added to almost every piece of property in the valley. Yes, the developers would love it. Yes, the builders would love it. But, what about you? You are part owner of this entire valley. You are part of the majority. What do you want this Valley to look like in 5, 10, or 15 years?

The Town receives 75% of it’s income from tourists. The remaining quarter comes from the taxes you and I pay. The ADU concept is an obvious ploy to create more taxable structures in Estes Valley.

Yes, the Town of Estes needs money to run the town functions, but are we willing to destroy the beauty of Estes Valley for a little more income? How many tourists will come to Estes to see a town that looks like any other “inner city?” We need to make our town, and the entire valley, more attractive and inviting to tourists. Or should we ignore 75% of the town’s income?

If you have an opinion on ADU’s, join your neighbors at the Planning Commission meeting, February 17, at 1:30 in the Town Hall. We would love to hear your opinion.

Bob Trump, Estes Park resident

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  • Jeffrey

    Estes Park needs to be run and developed through and with its’ residents and its’ elected town officials, not developers.

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