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Who Owns The Estes Valley?

Dear Editor:

In response to Bob Trump’s letter-to-the-editor entitled “Who Really Owns The Estes Valley:,printed February 13, 2009:

I agree with Mr. Trump that those of us who live here, vote here, and pay taxes here should debate and decide on the major issues facing our community. An informed and civil debate is a sacred trust in our democracy.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump’s attempt to characterize developers and builders as supporters of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s), driven by greed, is just plain wrong. This kind of misinformation only serves to polarize our community. It is certainly not civil, nor respectful of the many residents who work in the construction industry in the Estes Valley.

Developers have no vested interest in whether, or how, ADU’s are allowed in the Estes Valley. To the contrary, developers of residental subdivisions routinely restrict ADU’s and accessory buildings in the “Covenants & Restrictions” they write for new subdivisions (most of you who live in newer subdivisions will not be allowed to have detached ADU’s no matter what the Development Code says!).

The builders of Estes Valley have more direct link to this issue, because occasionally their clients want them to build an ADU.

More often than not these clients are retirees who want guest quarters, an apartment for live-in help,or rental income to supplement a fixed income.

No builder’s business is based on the construction of ADU’s-they would go broke trying.

I’m sure this issue will be debated for months to come. We who reside here are a mixed bag of full-time and part-time residents including retirees, professionals, merchants,government employees, and the men and women who work in the shops, hotels, restaurants, and service industry. Let’s all try to respect each other, and our varied interests, as we debate this issue.

Frank Theis
Estes Park resident

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