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What’s Your View?

To The Editor:

What is your view of the future of Estes Park and the proposed Estes Park/Anschutz Wellness Center? What do you want to see? We have many wonderful, fantastic walking trails and open space in town and of course miles and miles of gorgeous open space in the national park. We agree that open space is wonderful but do you want to see an open space of just a few acres that is mostly scrub grass and overlooks the roofs of Upper Stanley Village? Would you like to see trails that are littered with blowing debris from careless picnickers – who is going to keep it clean? How about people riding motorbikes or ATVs there (you know some will try it) – who is going to enforce the policies – who pays for maintenance and upkeep?

How about the economic view – does your view include seeing “the back end” of families as they have to leave to find employment elsewhere because of dwindling job opportunities (which has already negatively impacted our school system and fire department). Do you want to see this as just another “retirement community” with no young people or no young families? Do you also want to see “the back end” of families who are going somewhere else to seek their medical care because of reduced staffing at our hospital and clinics?

Consider instead the impact of looking at the proposed EP/Anschutz Wellness Center, which will actually hide the not-so gorgeous view of the back of the Upper Stanley Village. The proposed buildings will look like the rest of the Stanley Hotel complex – that indeed will be a pretty view.

But, most importantly, consider the economic view of giving a huge boost to our business community since people attending the EPMC/Anschutz Wellness Center will also be shopping and eating here. These guests will view our gorgeous valley and become “good-will ambassadors” for Estes. We desperately need to keep our medical facilities and our schools and our valley as viable as possible. The EPMC/Anschutz Wellness Center will contribute to our towns’ tax revenue for many years to come and; consequently, help create, increase, and maintain jobs of all types, thus contributing greatly to our future economic health.

Make your view one for the future. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help our town and our valley. Vote NO for the open space and Vote YES for the EPMC/Anschutz Wellness Center for a healthy economy and a healthy Estes Park!

Steve and Letha Thorn

Estes Park







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