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What If Enos Mills Came Back Today?

Enos Mills is a household name in the Estes Valley. His legacy as the “father of Rocky Mountain National Park” lives on today and touches our daily lives. But, what if he came back today? He was an outspoken and controversial figure in his day. What would he have to say to those living in this time of history?

You’ll have a chance to see on local television what perhaps Mills would think of our times. The Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. sponsored a performance for the annual membership meeting this past October. Now this riveting performance by Alex Drummond will be shown on EPTV, Channel 8, at 7 p.m. on June 28th and 30th. This Nick Mollé production was funded by the E P M F & F, Inc.

Enos Mills was one of the most vivid personalities in the early conservation movement. He fought to save American’s forest and unspoiled beauty in the first two decades of the twentieth century. His scrappy campaign to create Rocky Mountain National Park is a stirring chapter in Colorado and national park history. The guidelines he laid down for the profession of outdoor interpretation are still applied today. He is an historical figure of lasting importance.

In this dramatic depiction, Mills’ biographer, Alex Drummond, raises the famous man from the dead to let him recount his own achievements nearly a century later and to confront our twenty-first century with his pungent and often funny observations. Drummond says, “Enos Mills was a volatile character who was noted for making audiences squirm. He embraced strong and sometimes polarizing opinions.”

Drummond has addressed over fifty audiences on Enos Mills and related subjects. He authored the first full-length examination of Mills and his work in the biography, Enos Mills: Citizen of Nature, published in 1995 and reissued in 2002.

Copies of the DVD, “What if Enos Mills Came Back Today” will be available at the Estes Park Museum, 200 4th Street, off Highway 36. Call 970-586-6256 for more information. To become a member of the Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc., contact the Museum and learn of the many benefits and opportunities available with membership.

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