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What Happens In Estes, Stays In Estes

To The Editor:

Have you heard? The United Way of Larimer County kicked off a brand new campaign in Estes Park called Estes Park United.  The goal of EP United is to raise $25,000 to be split evenly between six local non-profit agencies in the Estes Valley. Normally the United Way runs an annual fundraiser to collect money county wide but this campaign is different. Donations collected in Estes stay in Estes. The United Way does not receive one dime of any money received for this specific campaign. The recipients of your donations are:

1. Estes Valley Victim Advocates
2. Estes Park Learning Place
3. Partners Mentoring Youth
4. Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center
5. Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success
6. Estes Park Salud

The demographics of Estes Park are changing rapidly and so are the needs of the community. The United Way recognized this and decided to help. They have given many hours of their time and talent (actually a years worth to date) to get this campaign off the ground and moving in the right direction for those in need.

Many of you already give to one or more of these life changing agencies and some churches are always digging into their emergency funds to support our non-profits. We hope to give a little relief (not to be confused with replacing their donations) to these and other financially burdened institutions so please consider giving to this worthy cause. Together we can make a positive impact on our ability to change and save lives in Estes Park.

For your convenience The United Way has set-up a temporary storefront across from Safeway next to the Cricket office for you to come in and visit us. I believe you will be very surprised at the “new” United Way. Donations can also be dropped off at the Visitors or Senior Centers or mailed to:

United Way of Larimer County
P.O. Box 4063
Estes Park, CO 80517

And remember…what happens in Estes stays in Estes. Please give generously.
Onward and upward,

Diane Rastatter
Untied Way Volunteer

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