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What A Theater Means To The Economy Of A Small Town

To The Editor:

“…The Story of What A Theater Means To the Economy of A Small Town….” is the line that catches our attention in an article in last Saturday’s Denver Post cover story. The theater group known as The Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre (SCRT) in Trinidad, Colorado has been in existence for only seven years yet it has already become an integral part of this town’s creative attempt to jump start a tourist season where there has never been one. The group does three major shows per summer plus operating a separate children’s theater camp and performance.

When the SCRT group fell on hard times because of the current economic situation the whole town came together to raise the funds for the 2009 season. They realized, whether they had ever been to a performance or not, that the lack of the theater would change the complexion of the town in a very adverse way and probably affect their own incomes as well.

The Post article goes on to say “According to a Colorado Council on the Arts study, companies the size of SCRT pump $1 million into their local economies each summer.” The SCRT is a theater that only operates three months a year with performances Thursday through Sunday. Estes Park has the advantage of already being a major tourist center but is still without a proper theater venue.  It is estimated by studies done in Estes Park in the past few years that a full service, year-around theater would add at least $2 million per year to the coffers of Estes Park merchants, restaurants and accommodations owners.

A Performing Arts Center for Estes Park is not a pie-in-the-sky proposition but a positive way to grow the local infrastructure along with social, creative, performance and educational opportunities for our town and area. The Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and many Volunteers of the Supporters Of  The Performing Arts of Estes Park are working diligently toward this goal and with the support and participation of the whole community will get this job done! Jump on board and be a part of this exciting addition to our town. You can see a presentation on the project or request an information packet by visiting the SOPA INC. web site at to see the New Face of Theater in Estes Park

Ann and Greig Steiner

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