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Westley Family Still Needs Our Help!

Westley-donationDrunk driver gets off easy, injured family still in need

Four months after the Westley family was hit by a drunk driver after celebrating July 4th, the drunk driver who hit them is offered a plea bargain.

On July 4th, Greg Westley watched the fireworks in Grand Lake, CO with his wife and eight kids. While walking back to their car along Highway 34, Greg and four family members were hit. Greg died at the scene, while his wife and three of his kids were airlifted to Denver hospitals, some in serious condition.

The family is on their way to healing, physically and emotionally, however, the head of their family, Greg, will never return home. His loving family members left behind need your help.

While Ackerman has been home with his family for the past four months, the Westley family is struggling. According to Greg Westley’s cousin, Jeff Carroll, there are “daunting medical bills and other long-term expenses that the family is facing.” A website, has been set up to allow people to make donations to the family via Paypal.

On the other end of the scale is Lucas Ackerman, the driver of the vehicle who hit them. The Grand Lake resident had multiple charges filed against him by the DA ( Ackerman was offered a plea bargain, even though he had a previous DUI. His blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. His child was in the car with him while he was driving drunk and hit the Westley family. Prosecutors offered him a plea that includes just a year in prison (

Greg and his family are well known in their home community of Estes Park, through the Boy Scouts, where Greg was a leader, the Catholic Church, swimming, and more. The family is very private, but they have the spiritual strength to come through this senseless tragedy. Financially, it will be a struggle. Help them through and continue to send prayers their way.


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