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We Need Your Help Locating Elk For Elk Fest This Weekend!

Members of the Elk Fest Committee need help from community members for this weekend’s 10th Annual Elk Fest.

As part of Elk Fest, tour buses take guides and passengers out to view herds of elk to see and learn about our magnificent animals, experience the rut first hand, and hear a bull elk bugle.

Last year however, the elk were quite elusive and committee members were frantically driving around town, trying to find herds of elk to take the tour groups to see. This year, we’re asking for your help. If you happen to be in and around town this weekend, clip this article with the phone numbers at the bottom and keep it with you. If you see a herd of elk we could take the tour busses to, call either number here and let us know the location of the herd. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped give our tour participants a wonderful elk viewing experience.

Thank you in advance, from our entire committee!

You can call call Kris at 231-2635 or Gary at 443-3138.

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