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We Need A Community Center For Those Windy Days

Dear Editor:

With the official start of fall this past week, those windy winter days are coming closer and closer. As they approach, I have been mentally preparing a list of available local indoor activities for me and my family.  My list is fairly short, so I am writing to voice my support of the proposed community center. With the incredible opportunities that such a center could provide, we could all look forward to those windy days as much as any others. One of the features of the proposed center that has particular appeal to me is the meeting rooms. The potential uses for these rooms are so numerous, ranging from play groups to continuing education classes to fitness classes and beyond. Furthermore, imagine the added draw of indoor activities to visitors of all ages, particularly in the quieter winter season.

So, please, before you vote in November, visit the Estes Valley Citizens for Community and Recreation website at for more details on the features of the community center. Consider the benefits that such a place could provide to yourself, your neighbors, and your community, not only on those windy winter days, but in all the seasons here in Estes Park.

Kelley Lewelling

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