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Waiting for a Ballot to Arrive? Don’t Count on It!

Check your voting status at

A group of Colorado nonprofit organizations today launched a campaign to remind Colorado voters that mail ballots do not automatically arrive in their mailboxes in a presidential election.

The Interfaith Alliance, League of Women Voters, CLLARO (Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy and Research Organization) and Vets Voice Foundation are teaming up to make sure eligible voters don’t assume there’s a ballot in the mail with their name on it.

“The best advice is to check your registration status. So many elections are conducted through the mail now, but not presidential elections. It’s easy to check if you’re signed up to get a mail ballot at or at your county clerk’s office,” said Cath Perrone, President of the Colorado League of Women Voters.

“Election Day is the day that everyone’s voice counts equally. Your right to vote is too important – make sure your voice is heard. Check your registration now,” said Olivia Mendoza, executive director of CLLARO.

Mail ballots are increasingly popular, with more than 4 in 10 Colorado voters signed up to receive their ballots by mail. However, Colorado is the only state that declares a voter “inactive” after missing only one election. When a voter is categorized as “inactive,” they are also removed from the “permanent” vote by mail list.

Inactive voters are still eligible to vote and can do so by requesting a ballot or voting in person.

Almost 80,000 Colorado voters who signed up for “permanent vote by mail” are now inactive because they did not vote in the 2010 election. They may be expected a ballot, but it is not coming.

“Permanent isn’t really permanent. No one sends you a card saying you’re off the permanent vote by mail list. Many veterans and military personnel who were on active duty in 2010 didn’t get the chance to vote. They may be expecting a ballot that will never arrive,” said Garett Reppenhagen of Vets Voice Foundation.

“There is immense pride in casting a ballot, especially in a presidential election. No citizen should miss that opportunity to have an impact on our country’s future,” said Jeremy Shaver, executive director of the Interfaith Alliance.

Voters can check their registration status at, or they can call their county clerk’s office.

Key Dates:

October 30

Last day to request a mail ballot be sent to you

November 2

Last day to request a mail ballot in person

November 6

Election Day

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