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Voting Yes To Approve Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor:

Please vote Yes on April 1 to approve the town’s proposed one percent sales tax increase.

No one likes tax increases, but we have many reasons to approve this one, and these are but a few:

Our infrastructure needs repair and delaying maintenance will cost more $ in the long run.

Our town leadership did their homework. The community visioning process was one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen for collecting feedback from all citizens on Estes Park’s future. Trustees and staff listened and reflected our input in the strategic plan. Let’s be the town that moves forward to ensure a strong quality of life for both our residents and our guests. Approving the sales tax increase is a critical step for making our shared vision a reality.

Finally, I admire our town administrator and staff for their energetic, collaborative, and professional response to our recent wildfire and flood disasters. One way to show our gratitude and support is by giving our staff the resources they’ve identified and need to keep Estes Park a wonderful place to live and visit.

I grieve what “tough love” has done to our school system and the morale of our teachers. Let’s not gamble similarly with the future of Estes Park.

Anne Morris

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