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Valley-Wide Habitat Study To Begin

This May, the Town of Estes Park will begin work on a valley-wide habitat study.

The study will be performed by EDAW, a national environmental planning firm with offices in Fort Collins. The study will create an inventory of wildlife habitats using existing aerial photography, available resource mapping, and field reconnaissance. EDAW will draw upon the best available local and regional scientific research to identify important habitat areas. This information will then be used to prioritize the relative importance of these areas, considering factors such as species diversity, uniqueness, and species at risk. Prioritization will be established in consultation with wildlife biologists from both the Colorado Division of Wildlife and Rocky Mountain National Park.

One of the primary objectives of this analysis is to identify and map the highest-value or most sensitive habitats in the Estes Valley. The map will be used to identify specific lands within the Estes Valley that will be subject to a higher level of site-specific wildlife or habitat analysis and mitigation of impacts as land is developed.

Public comment and contributions on the valley-wide habitat study will be managed by the Town of Estes Park Community Development Department.  Interested land owners, residents, and visitors can contact Department Director Bob Joseph (phone: 970-577-3725 or email: for more information about this study.

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