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US 34 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

big thompson narrows floodWhen will US 34 be open for travel between Estes Park and Loveland?

The goal is to have some type of roadway open between the two communities by December 1, 2013. This roadway will be temporary in nature and could include sections of dirt or gravel road with the permanent improvements being made beyond this year.

How can I access my property?

Crews have constructed a temporary access road between mile marker 72 and County Road 43 (Devil’s Gulch) so residents can get to Drake to retrieve belongings and winterize their homes. This access will be provided Tuesday, Oct. 8, and then each subsequent Sunday for the time being. People with properties on the south side of the river will have difficulty reaching their homes, however, due to the damage sustained by bridges connecting with highway with private properties. It is not yet known when access might be available for residents living closer to the Loveland end of the highway.

Are the bridges that provide access to properties off of US 34 being rebuilt?

The Colorado Department of Transportation has directed Kiewit to stay within the right-of-way of US 34 for making the roadway repairs and most of the bridges connecting US 34 with private properties are located outside the state right-of-way. CDOT right-of-way officials are working with Larimer County representatives to determine who is responsible for each access point.

When will repairs be made to County Road 43?

Because this is a county road, CDOT does not have purview of County Road 43. We are, however, coordinating with Larimer County officials to address the damage to County Road 43.

If we are working with FEMA inspectors or insurance adjusters when can they come see our property?

Right now there is only access from the Estes Park side and this access is being limited to Tuesday, Oct. 8, and then each subsequent Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. to minimize disruption to construction activities.

We are asking that residents limit their access to these days and times along with any private agents with whom they might be working to assess private property damage.

What is the status on repairs to US 36 leading into Estes Park?

The National Guard is working with CDOT to make temporary repairs to US 36 between Lyons and Estes Park. This highway is scheduled to reopen by Dec. 1, 2013. For more information, call 720-263-1589.

Is Kiewit hiring workers for this project?

Kiewit Construction is a union contractor and will hire any individuals that might be needed through either

the Operators Local No. 9 or the Laborer’s Local No. 720. The contact for the Operators Local 9 union is Larry Kleiner at 303-623-3194, ext. 17 and the contact for the Laborer’s Local No. 720 is Larry Gray at 303-825-8101. There might also be limited opportunities for certain subcontracting companies and/or material suppliers. Companies interested in seeing if there are opportunities can call Kiewit’s office at 303-979-9330 and ask for Paul Jacobson.

Where can I get additional information?

Additional details on the efforts to rebuild US 34 are available through our information hotline, website and social media channels.

Hotline: 800-536-4403
Twitter: @Coloradodot

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