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Urges Yes Votes For 5D and 5E

To The Editor:

I write to urge voters in the Estes Valley to carefully consider and support items 5D and 5E on the November ballot. Very simply, 5D allows for the formation of a Local Market District responsible for Advertising and Marketing of the Estes Valley, run by an independent seven member Board appointed by the County Commissioners and the Town Board. The geographic boundaries of the district extend well beyond the city limits and include much of the same area as the current Rec District boundaries.

5E provides the funding mechanism for the entity created in 5D. This funding mechanism is a 2% tax on accommodations to be collected by lodging establishments in the district. The tax does not apply to any other form of goods or service provided in the district. The proceeds collected by the lodging establishments are forwarded to the State and then to the Marketing District Board to be utilized to promote the Estes Valley. The Town of Estes Park currently funds similar efforts from general sales tax revenues. At a point in time, the town revenues currently utilized in this fashion will be replaced by the “pillow tax” revenues.

I have been active in business in the Estes Valley for almost 31 years and discussions by business and community leaders revolving around this type of funding and marketing mechanism go at least that far back. The state legislature and the governor have finally provided the opportunity for the formation of this type of entity. The Town and County have an intergovernmental agreement in place to support its formation. A majority of the business-assessed evaluation in the district were required to sign the petition to start the process. It appears to me to be a win win opportunity for the Valley. I hope it does to you as well.

Scott Webermeier
National Park Village

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