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Urges Support Of 1% Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor:

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And we have a great Senior Center that compliments our town. The Center provides vital services among which are meals-on-wheels plus weekday lunches at the Center, adult education classes and lectures, adult fitness classes and trips to nearby Colorado sites. Along with this the Center is a warm place to meet, chat, play games, watch tv and come together.

In the past ten years growth in attendance has increased 88% All indications are that this will continue. Like a family that has outgrown its home, the Senior Center has outgrown its facilities. We want to continue our services and add to them to meet the needs of our growing population. Please support the 1% sales tax increase, We need your support.

Carolyn Yarger, Social Secretary Estes Park Senior Center Board Member


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