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Urges Careful Consideration Of EPURA

Dear Editor:

This letter is written to publicly thank Mr. Bill Van Horn for his efforts in making it possible for all caring and interested Estes Park citizens ( and voters) to make their voices heard and to share in the disposition of the EP Urban Renewal Authority question. Thanks to Bill, it now seems that we will have the opportunity to speak out firmly and positively about EPURA’ s expenditures of our community funds and whether or not this organization needs to be or should be continued into the future.

I believe that most residents of the Estes Park area share my opinion that EPURA initially served our community very well in the early post-Lawn Lake Flood clean up and rehabilitation. But as the years rolled by and their accomplishments increasingly turned to beautification and other marketing related “improvements,” I-like many, began to wonder about the great number of our hard-earned dollars that were going towards glitz and glamour (sidewalks and gazebos ).

In recent years, my primary concern has been that we have not been offered a priority list of projects from which to choose and, especially, on which we might have a vote, “Yea or Nay.”

I hope all interested voters will consider whether we wish to continue such projects as the recent offer by EPURA to business owners to paint their store fronts (rented or not) at our expense, or if it is time for the Town Board to take responsibility for such matters, and simply enforce our existing ordinances? If they do so, then perhaps it is also time for us voting citizens to make our wishes known (like temporary signs and banners most recently, for example); time to place fiscal responsibility fully with the Town Board who serve at our pleasure and for EPURA-over which we tax paying citizen voters have NO financial control-to be retired.

Harry Hutcherson
Estes Park, CO

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