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Urges All To Vote For The EVRPD Bond And Mill Levy

To The Editor:

We are writing to urge everyone to vote for the EVRPD bond and mill levy increase so that they can build a much needed community center and bring their other facilities and equipment up to date.
How many businesses or government entities could continue to be run on a twenty year old budget? The Rec District’s mill levy has remained constant for over twenty years and they are presently operating on the same revenue they operated on in the 1980s

The citizens of the Estes Valley need and deserve a community center such as the one planned by EVRPD. The children of the Estes Valley need a great place to go after school and on week-ends, during school breaks and in the summer to learn, play and exercise. With all that will be offered and the close proximity to the schools, this community center is perfect.  The area adults need a facility for art and music programs, fitness programs and continuing education programs not presently offered anywhere is Estes Park.

The visitors to Estes Park need to know that even if the weather does not cooperate during their visit, there are a number of indoor activities available in Estes Park also.  With the meeting rooms and multi-use rooms, we may even be able to attract groups to Estes who have not held their meetings here before; thereby bringing more much needed revenue to our town.

The EVRPD has been very prudent to be able to operate twenty years without an increase. We feel the mill levy and the bond are a small price to pay for such a terrific new facility and for updating existing facilities. It will also allow EVRPD to continue to offer the great programs they currently offer and to add new ones.

Jon & Marsha Sypher

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