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Urges A “Yes” Vote For EVRPD

To the Editor:

By supporting the mill levy raise for the Estes Park Recreation & Park District (EVRPD), 4C on the ballot, the community is supporting public use of the School District’s pool.

There are some who want to defeat this raise in mill levy because it will raise their taxes. Yes, it will. However, the public has not voted to approve a Rec District mill levy raise in over 25 years. The Rec District’s expenses have increased over 25 years. Our community has grown over 25 years. Our community’s recreation needs have not diminished. The EVRPD provides attractions for tourism which our community needs as well.

The Rec district needs a raise to meet operational expenses. They tell us that with the existing mill levy their loss for the pool is now $65,000 annually.

We of the Aquanastics Class wish for this program to continue along with public swim lessons for pre-school children, lap swimming, and open swim. The pool serves all age groups in our community and is also an attraction to our summer residents and visitors.

Estes Park must be able to continue public use of this fine pool facility which is owned by the School District. The mill levy raise will allow the Rec District to continue operations as they have in the past, including salaries, utilities, and other costs.

There are other important projects of the EVRPD.  The pool’s share of the budget is 7.5%

The question is, do we care enough to keep these projects going at the current level by approving the mill levy raise? We need to support public use of the school-owned pool.  (The Town of Estes Park is not responsible for the pool. When the pool was built by the School District, the tax-payers were assured that this investment would also be for public use.)

Please vote to approve the mill levy raise for the EVRPD!  Keep the pool public!
Thank you very much,

Marilyn Herrmann

Representative for the Aquanastics Class

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