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Upcoming Evening Programs At RMNP Focus On The Art Of Photography

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2009 Lyceum Series – Celebrate our Natural World: Artists Who Are Inspired by the Environment

Saturday, April 11, 7:00 p.m. – Nature is a Work of Art. Local scientist and photographer, Dr. Mike Gabridge, will present an overview of macro and close-up photography. The emphasis will be on capturing the hidden beauty and elegant simplicity that is normally hidden in nature. By using a wide array of photographic images, Dr. Gabridge will discuss the various categories of nature photography, and reveal methods to “see the unseen” marvels around us.

Mike Gabridge is a Ph.D. microbiologist by training, and a photographer by inclination and avocation. He was born and raised in Michigan, but has lived in numerous states and England in the course of multiple careers as professor, entrepreneur, and medical school administrator. Now retired from academia, he lives in Estes Park, where he pursues fine art nature photography full-time.

“From an early age, I was fascinated by the fact that that the closer you look at natural objects, the more simple and more beautiful they appear. Aspen stands and individual trees are beautiful, but the individual leaves themselves are simply magnificent. ”

He has had his stock and freelance photography appear in over one hundred textbooks, magazines, company brochures and annual reports, and the Boston Science Museum. In his thirty years as a part and full-time photographer, Mike has earned numerous awards for his work.

The theme of the 2009 Lyceum Series is “Celebrate our Natural World: Artists Who Are Inspired by the Environment.” This year’s series has a cultural focus. The presentations will highlight how the natural world influences and inspires artists. Artists of all types: singers, musicians, painters, sculptors, woodcarvers, performance artists, writers, quilters and photographers will be involved in this year’s Lyceum.

The Lyceum schedule runs through May 16, 2009. Financial support for the lyceum series is provided by the park’s nonprofit partner, the Rocky Mountain Nature Association. Programs are free and open to the public. They are held at 7:00 p.m. at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center auditorium in Rocky Mountain National Park. For more information about Rocky Mountain National Park please call (970) 586-1206.

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