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Election Results Show Voters Approve The 1% Tax Increase And Sale Of Lot 4

It appears that the majority of voters in Estes Park are ready for change. In the April 1st election, Ballot Issue 1A regarding the 1% Sales Tax Increase, the yes votes won overwhelmingly over those voting against it. Official results are:

Ballot Issue 1A (1% Sales Tax)

Shall the Town of Estes Park taxes be increased $2 million annually and by whatever additional amounts are raised annually thereafter by the increase to the Town’s sales tax rate of 1.0 percent (4.0% TO 5.0%) effective July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2024……

YES: 1550

NO: 851

Ballot Question 1B

(Sale of Lot 4)

Shall the Town of Estes Park sell Lot 4, Plat of Lots 3 through 9, Stanley Historic District Subdivision, Town of Estes Park, Colorado (“Lot 4”), to Grand Heritage Hotel Company, LLC (“Buyer”), pursuant to the terms and consideration of the Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate dated January 10, 2014.

YES: 1465

NO: 937

Ballot Question 2 (Lot 4 Conservation Easement)

Shall Lot 4 of the Stanley Historic District be protected by a conservation easement to allow it to be used only as an open, natural area, or for public recreational use, without development or improvements other than trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and other non-motorized use, and tables and associated shelters for picnic use?

YES: 725

NO: 1651

Congratulations to the three who won the three Trustee spots, incumbent candidate Wendy Koenig was re-elected, along with newcomers Bob Holcomb and Ward Nelson. Thank you to all of the candidates, for taking the time to run and for your care and concern for our community.

The numbers went like this in the vote for the three Trustee positions:

Wendy Koenig (1447)

Bob Holcomb (918)

Ward Nelson (758)

Paul Fishman (689)

Judy Fontius (631)

Mike Williams (471)

Janna Allerheiligen (399)

Geraldine Treacy (331).


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