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Tree Symposium Set For May 7

Mountain pine beetles, managing the trees on your property, and fire mitigation will be featured programs at the second annual Tree Symposium to be held Wednesday morning, May 7 in the Town Hall Board Room. Doors open at 8:15 a.m.

Keynote speaker Dave Leatherman will present a program on “Mountain Pine Beetles and the Estes Valley” beginning at 8:30. He will discuss beetle biology, prevention, and treatment options for beetle-killed trees, all in the context of forest management.

Leatherman was the Forest Entomologist for the Colorado State Forest Service from 1974 to 2005. He is widely recognized as a leading authority on pine beetles. He traveled over 1,000,000 miles in Colorado in his 31 years of service, studying and tracking pine beetles, western spruce budworms, and other forest pests.

At 9:45, Larimer County Forester Dave Lentz will discuss aspects of the law as it relates to beetle-killed trees. The law requires removal of infected trees before the beetles fly to attack other trees. Lentz will cover enforcement of the law and his experiences in dealing with people to achieve compliance.

At 10:30, Diana Selby, Forester with the Colorado State Forest Service, will present a program on “Managing Trees on Your Property.” Her program will focus on how to apply established forestry practices to your own property to keep trees healthy. She will also discuss planting for diversity as a way to protect landscape and property values.

At 11:15, Sue Pinkham, Interagency Fire Education Coordinator for the Estes Valley, will conclude the Symposium with a discussion of the ways private landowners can protect their homes and their trees from wildfire. Her program will emphasize creating a defensible space.

In addition to the formal presentations, informational displays will be set up in the Board Room foyer, and speakers will be available between programs to answer questions. Recent beetle-killed trees will be on display outside the building to help landowners recognize when trees on their properties have been infected.

The Tree Symposium is sponsored by the Town of Estes Park Tree Board. The first Tree Symposium in 2007 was spearheaded by Tree Board member Sue Doylen, who hoped it would help Estes Park avoid the kind of devastation caused by mountain pine beetles in the towns of Grand Lake and Granby. Over 100 people attended the first Symposium.

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