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Town’s Annual Pothole Repairs Continue

construction-coneThe Town of Estes Park Public Works Department has completed the annual process of evaluating pavement conditions throughout the Town’s public road system. Each spring, the Town’s streets crew, consisting of three full-time staff, patch potholes as the temperatures warm, using “cold mix. ” While cold patching can be done in cooler weather, it is often only a temporary repair that must be repeated months down the road, or replaced with hot asphalt once it is available in warm weather. With unusually high levels of groundwater, potholes are expected to be even more common in 2014. Rolling lane closures and flagging are required for repairs; motorists are asked to drive with caution around the Town’s crews.

So far this year, the Town has used 12 tons of cold mix to patch holes on Macgregor Avenue, S. Steamer Parkway, Community Drive, Stanley Avenue, all of Riverside Drive, Rockwell Street, Davis Street, Crags Drive, Chapin Lane, Chiquita Lane, Audubon Street, Lexington Lane, Avalon Drive, and Peakview Drive at Highway 7. Patching is scheduled to be done on the following roads: Dry Gulch Road, Big Horn Drive, Spruce Drive, Fall River Court, Sunny Mead Lane, Arapaho Road, Grey Fox Drive, Elm Road, Columbine Avenue, Driftwood Avenue, Prospect Estates Drive and Scott Avenue. Residents can report potholes in other locations to Public Works by emailing Jen Imber at or calling 970-577-3587. State highways within Town limits are managed by CDOT, including North and South Saint Vrain Avenues, Big Thompson Avenue, Elkhorn Avenue, Moraine Avenue, Wonderview Avenue and Fall River Road.

Pothole patching is just one type of spot repair that the Town undertakes to preserve the roads. In September of 2012, the Town sealed cracks on all Town streets to extend the useful life of the roads. For each of approximately 15 years the Town has evaluated the road system using the pavement condition index (PCI), which classifies roads as “Excellent, ” “Good, ” “Fair” and “Poor, ” the inventory indicates that about 63 percent of the Town’s roadways are “Fair” or “Poor. ” Once a road deteriorates to the low end of “Fair” or “Poor” condition, total reconstruction is often the only option, with a cost of up to $19 per square foot, versus $1 per square foot to maintain roads with a “Good” or “Excellent” PCI. Information on the Town’s road conditions inventory including a list of roadway improvement priorities is available at > Hot Topics > Road Conditions Inventory.

For more information, please contact the Town of Estes Park Public Works Department at 970-577-3587. Subscribe to receive Town news by visiting, and find more Town updates at,, and

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