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Town Water Is Safe

Town of Estes Park water customers may notice a slight yellow or green tint to water when filling a white sink or bathtub. The water does not pose any health hazards. Extensive quality testing performed by the Town verifies the water complies with all State and Environmental Protection Agency standards.

The discolored water occurs with the natural breakdown of organic matter during the winter, and carries down during the spring snowmelt, or runoff.  The color-causing compounds are typically humic or fulvic acids that are derived from plants in the watershed that die and slowly breakdown and dissolve in water. These organic compounds do not impact the safety of the drinking water. This soluble color is typically removed through the water treatment process by chemical coagulation followed by sedimentation and filtration.

During current upgrade and expansion of the Mary’s Lake Water Treatment Plant, the Town is utilizing temporary treatment units for production of water from this site to satisfy the community’s water production demands. These temporary units do not use chemical coagulation prior to the membrane filtration and can allow for the dissolved color to carry through to the customers.

Spring runoff conditions are expected to continue approximately two more weeks. The Town apologizes for any inconvenience or concern that this situation has caused for water customers.  Upon completion, the Mary’s Lake

Water Treatment Plant process will combine all the necessary chemical treatment for removal of naturally occurring organic compounds by coagulation and will utilize membrane filtration to produce exceptionally high quality water.

For more information, please call 970-577-3588. Please visit the Town website at

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