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Town Opens Sand Facility For Residents To Fill Own Bags

Preparations Continue For Possible High Rivers

Estes Park’s rivers and streams are running swiftly as warm temperatures have spurred the annual snowmelt in the high country. The Big Thompson and Fall Rivers are still flowing well within their banks, with approximately 50% more capacity available before any minor issues would be evident. Citizens should stay safely away from the swift water. If precautionary measures are needed to protect personal property from rising water, safety should be the first priority.

Although there is the possibility that the runoff will come gradually without overflowing the rivers, there has been a steady increase in stream flow. The Town of Estes Park has now opened its sandbag facility for owners of low-lying property to fill their own sandbags. The facility is at 666 Elm Road, through the yellow gate. Residents must purchase, fill and transport their own sandbags. Sandbags may be purchased at local hardware retailers. Until further notice, the facility hours are 7 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Updates related to the sandbag facility, materials provided, and any changes in hours of operation will be posted at

If rivers begin to flow out of their banks, the Town will provide up to 100 sandbags per property to be filled by residents. This service would be available while supplies last to residents who may experience a high-water emergency. If that becomes necessary, all details will be announced at

Authorities use the Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority’s (LETA) mass notification system to alert citizens of emergencies. This may include warnings and evacuation information. Residents should register to receive these emergency notifications for their businesses and other chosen locations; register to receive alerts by email, cell phones and other devices at Otherwise, notifications are only made using landlines located in the emergency area.

During emergencies, the Town of Estes Park provides emergency situation updates at This page is updated when new information becomes available. Emergencies should be reported by calling 9-1-1.

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