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Town Of Estes Park – Major Projects For 2011

By Jacqueline Halburnt – Town Administrator

2011 will be an exciting year in Estes Park town government. We have several large projects planned that will help shape and define us as a premier mountain resort community, which is in step with our vision statement, “The Town of Estes Park will enhance our position as a premier mountain resort community.” In the first half of the year, you will see us build a new transportation hub and begin the first two phases of Bond Park redevelopment.

People have always wanted to come to Estes Park. Who wouldn’t? It’s a beautiful and majestic town with wonderful views and people. During the summer months traffic can become congested downtown and for years the town has chipped away at the issue of mobility.

After a parking study was conducted, we implemented shuttles to reduce the amount of cars on the road. In 2010, grant dollars became available to build a transportation hub at the Fairgrounds at Stanley Park to help capture vehicles before they enter the downtown area. The transportation hub will bring an additional 409 parking spaces to our inventory. We currently have 1,913 total public parking spaces in Town.

Downtown parking alone counts for the majority of the spaces with 1,594. We will be adding 21% more parking spaces to our inventory with the hub. We’ve also added another shuttle route that will run continuously between the hub and the Visitor Center. And we have a backup plan for even more parking at the suggestion of Jennifer Taylor’s 21st Century Learners’ class in the Park R-3 Middle School. The Park R-3 School District has cooperatively agreed to allow the town to use the school parking lot for parking if necessary.

Bond Park is a beautiful green space in our downtown core area. When we set out to create a master plan to redevelop the area, the public spoke loud and clear that they wanted it to remain a green space. This has been the cornerstone of the plan, which is designed to move events off the grass area and into a new and improved hardscape area. We will be accepting construction bids at the beginning of March and will analyze how to move the project forward. The first two phases are the hardscaped areas on lower MacGregor Avenue and on Park Lane. These areas will be redesigned to accommodate tents that used to be on the grass. Traffic flow on lower MacGregor Avenue will permanently become one-way northbound and drainage will be improved.

In the second half of the year, we will improve and expand the sidewalk on Moraine Avenue. The new sidewalk will pick up where the current one ends on the east side of the street and extend to Crags. Both the transit hub and the sidewalk are made possible with grant funding.

We are excited about these infrastructure improvements, which will help us enhance our position as a premier mountain resort community. Each year, the Mayor and Board of Trustees review our mission, vision and goals. This year, we’ll be reviewing them on Monday, January 31 at 8:30 a.m. This is a public session, so please join us as the board sets the course for our town. We’ll be in the Town Board Room of Town Hall, 170 MacGregor Avenue.

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