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Town Of Estes Park Assists Mall Owner With Riverwalk

The Town of Estes Park is moving forward with plans to fund a temporary connection of the downtown Riverwalk through the site of the Park Theater Mall at 116 East Elkhorn Avenue. The Town Board has agreed to provide $10,000 to the managing property owner, Sharon Seeley, to construct the walkway through her property, which is the site of the Park Theater Mall destroyed by fire on October 19, 2009. The connection should be open by May 28, allowing pedestrians to move easily along the Riverwalk, which follows Fall River and the Big Thompson River through downtown Estes Park.  The connection is currently scheduled to remain open through October, depending on weather conditions and construction plans.

Seeley thanked the Mayor and Town Trustees at the April 27 Town Board meeting.  She told the Board, “We have appreciated your support in this time of a tragedy,” continuing, “We are looking forward to renewing the property and making it good for the Town-your support has been instrumental to make this happen.” Seeley also noted she would like to include signs near the temporary Riverwalk connection that thank the Town for working together with the business community.

Mayor Bill Pinkham commented, “We’ve had a lot of comments on this high visibility issue. I know that the public and the business community are really supportive of what we’re doing.”  Since early April, Trustee Jerry Miller has worked with Seeley and downtown business owner Rick Grigsby to find a solution that will best serve the Estes Park residents and visitors until the site is redeveloped. At that time, Seeley may remove the temporary walkway in order to proceed with construction. The $10,000 contributed by the Town for the connection will be drawn from the Town’s Catastrophic Loss fund.

The Town of Estes Park also granted a $500 credit to each business destroyed by the Park Theater Mall fire. The businesses may use the credit for services of the Town’s Community Development Department through December, 2011.

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