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Town Installs Bear-Resistant Trash And Recycling Containers

Through a partnership with the League of Women Voters and Community Recycling Committee, the Town of Estes Park has installed bear-resistant recycling and trash containers downtown. Funded by the Town and a grant received by the Community Recycling Committee, 23 of the 24 containers purchased have already been installed by Public Works staff. They replace existing trash cans in the vicinity of Performance Park, Tregent Park, Riverside Park, Riverside Plaza, Riverside Parking Lot, Town Hall and the Town Hall parking lot.

The installation of these containers is part of an effort to increase recycling rates as well as to make Estes Park a safe place for wildlife and people. Businesses and residents across the valley are encouraged to begin thinking about how they can reduce the chance of attracting and creating potential conflicts with bears, which often come out of dormancy in April.

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