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Town Hall Meeting On Transitioning To The Future

On Thursday, June 18, at 7:00 p.m., the Sustainable Mountain Living (SML) group will be hosting a community-wide Town Hall meeting focusing on the future of the Estes Valley. The group will be proposing that our community adopt The Estes Valley Transition Initiative, a plan for creating a low-energy, resilient and sustainable future.

The world is facing the convergence of major de-stabilizing issues over the next several decades. A few include climate change, ever-rising energy costs, potential water shortages, and a global population increase of 2.2 billion people by 2050. Many of these issues will impact Estes Park’s future. Indeed, the next several decades are likely to be characterized as a continuing series of turbulent changes.

How should Estes Valley prepare for these changes? We have two choices:

1). We can ignore these issues in the hope they will go away, or somehow a future technology will solve the problem. Or,

2). We can confront these issues and pro-actively work to develop a sustainable resilient future for our community.

The Sustainable Mountain Living group is dedicated to establishing a more environmentally sustainable future for the Estes Valley. SML has embraced the concept of a Transition Initiative, similar to those used successfully by several communities in England, as a means to reach the long-term goal of greater local sustainability. The concept, in simple terms, is based on creating a vision of what we want Estes Park to be in 2030, and then working back to the present to define and implement the pro-active steps the community will need to take to reach the vision’s goals. But SML is just one small group of concerned individuals, and these goals cannot be achieved  without involvement of all major organizations in our community, including the Town government, local businesses, tourism agencies, RMNP, YMCA, social services agencies, etc. All of us will be impacted by the impending changes, and all of us must work together to create a low-energy, sustainable future.

For this reason SML will be hosting this Town Hall meeting to introduce the Transition Initiative concept to the entire community. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, June 18 in the Town Board Room. The program will begin with a brief overview of the Transition Initiative, and will then be followed by an open, round-table discussion with the audience to determine the feasibility of adopting the Transition concept for planning the future of our community. Everyone concerned about the future of our community is invited. All are welcome!

Comments (1)

  • Linda Walsh

    I am so glad the Transition Initiative is starting in Estes Park. I have seen the beginnings of it in Texas and it is truly a grass-roots effort that has wide ranging benefits to individuals as well as communities. Although I cannot be part of the discussion this evening, I look forward to participating in the future. Please keep me on you mailing list and I would like to know what transpires at the meeting.

    Thank you.
    linda walsh

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