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Town Government Needs To Establish Priorities

To The Editor:

Now that the slate of candidates for the Town Board has been determined, it is time to find out where these folks stand on issues important to the voters. Some already have a record (be it good or bad) and they and new comers need to be questioned as where they stand.

It seems to me that a good Town Board member (or any government official) needs to be connected to and have a pulse of those who they represent. The recent EPURA controversy with the Town having to be forced to listen to the people when such a majority felt it should end is a sad example of disconnect.

It is all too easy for elected officials to become secondary to their staff. Staff’s management authority should in my opinion have very limited decision power.

Transparency is often talked but seldom walked. The recent outside evaluation of performance shows how bad the Town-Citizen Relationship is. This will probably not improve until there are major changes in both elected officials and staff.

I believe it is time to re-evaluate what the primary function of Town Government should be and establish priorities accordingly. In recent years because there has been excess funds we have gotten carried away with projects that don’t show a return and personnel has expanded beyond what’s reasonable.

I think we are in for hard economic times and it is time to focus on basics. People today come to Estes Park for the same reason they did 100 years ago and we need to do what works.

Let’s have open debates and try to improve a situation that needs improving.

Bill Van Horn

Estes Park

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