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Town Board Kills Lot 4 Vote

At its November 12 meeting, the Estes Park Town Board voted not to accept a proposed contract from the Grand Heritage Hotel Group, LLC (the Stanley) for the purchase of Lot 4 in the Stanley Historic District for the proposed Stanley Anschutz Wellness Center. Therefore, no special election will be set for December. All outstanding applications for the project have been officially withdrawn, and the December 9 special meeting of the Estes Valley Planning Commission to review the application is cancelled.

Video of the November 12 Town Board discussion is available via The video is titled “Town of Estes Park Board Meeting.”

Grand Heritage Hotel Group, LLC (the Stanley Hotel) requested an expedited process to purchase Lot 4 and review the Stanley Anschutz Wellness Center development application in order to accommodate a funding source that may not be available beyond the beginning of 2014.

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