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Town And County Now Accepting Applications For Members Of Local Marketing District

The Town of Estes Park and the Larimer County Board of Commissioners are accepting applications from people who are interested in serving in an advisory capacity to the Estes Park Local Marketing District. To serve, you must live within the defined Local Marketing District boundaries, which are the same as Recreation District Boundaries within Larimer County. The boundaries include the Town, County surrounding Estes Park down Hwy. 7 to Boulder County and Glen Haven.

The Town Board will appoint five people and the Board of County Commissioners will appoint two people, all of whom will be chosen as long as they reside within the district boundaries. The interview panel will consist of representatives from the Town, County, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Estes Area Lodging Association. The interviews will take place in September and appointments will be made the same month.

In order to be considered for the advisory board, you must have lived in the LMD defined district for at least 12 continuous months and continue to live within the district boundaries during your entire term as a Director. Experience in one or more of the following areas will be strongly considered: business, marketing, finances, economic development, tourism development, print and/or electronic media, special events, and conference activities. You must also be willing to devote the time required to do the job.
The advisory board appointments are considered temporary and eventual appointments to the LMD Board are contingent upon the passing of the two ballot questions, one to create the LMD and one to levy a 2% marketing and promotion tax (lodging tax). The duties of advisory board members appointed in September will be to help promote the Local Marketing District and the two ballot questions which will be before the voters in November.

If the ballot questions are passed, the duties of the LMD board will include creating an operations plan and administering the Local Marketing District. The LMD board would receive the money collected from the 2% marketing and promotion tax and operate as a separate public entity from the Town and County.

A Local Marketing District is allowed under state statutes only after a vote of the registered electors within the defined district. The steps already taken to place this issue on the November ballot include: petitions signed by at least 50% of the owners of the assessed value of commercial property within district; two public hearing were held June 5 and June 26 and an Intergovernmental agreement between the Town and the County was signed.

Money collected from the 2% marketing and promotion tax can be used by the LMD for only the following purposes: Organize, promote, market and manage public events; Activities in support of business recruitment, management and development; and Coordination of tourism promotion activities.

The 2% marketing and promotion tax would be paid only by visitors for nightly rentals of 30 days or fewer at accommodations establishments, including vacation and short-term rentals, within the district. The 2% tax WILL NOT be paid anywhere else like grocery stores, retail, restaurants, amusement, or any other businesses that collects sales tax.
If the Local Marketing District passes in November, the final appointments to the LMD Board will take place following the election for four (4) year terms. The terms shall be staggered so that two (2) members are appointed each year and one (1) member in the fourth year.

For an application, contact Town Clerk Jackie Williamson at 577-3702, or go to Estes Park’s website at A completed application and current resume must be received by Monday, September 8, 2008 at 5 p.m. in order to be considered.

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