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Town Advises Community To Prepare For Runoff

2010 High Water

Depending on spring weather and temperatures, high levels of snowpack on the mountains above Estes Park indicate the possibility of high rivers and streams in the coming weeks. The rate at which melting snow travels down our rivers will depend on the weather in the weeks to come. Since high rivers are possible, the best course of action is advance preparation. Just as the Town of Estes Park is prepared to place sandbags to protect public property, residents are encouraged to prepare.

Town Administrator Jacquie Halburnt commented, “We advise property owners to purchase and keep sandbags on hand for low-lying properties.” She continued, “The Town will help in emergencies, but ultimately it is every citizen’s responsibility to protect their private property.”

Tips for preparing were provided at the May 2 meeting “Preparing for spring runoff.” Town officials hosted the meeting with support from the Bureau of Reclamation and Larimer County. Video of the meeting and helpful handouts are posted at the Town’s News Desk at The following information was provided to explain when the Town will assist with sandbags.

• During high water emergencies as announced, the Town will provide up to 100 sandbags per property for citizens to fill and use to prevent imminent property damage or to maintain safety.

• As announced, the sandbag facility at 666 Elm Road will open to the public. When open, it will be available Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. only.

• Additional bags can be provided by the citizen and may be filled at the Town’s sandbag facility at no charge when the facility is open.

• After-hour requests for sandbags, during high water emergencies as announced by the Town, can be made through the Town’s Dispatch center at 970-586-4000. Residents will be allowed up to 100 bags per property during emergencies only. The resident will be met by a police officer in the municipal parking lot behind Town Hall, 170 MacGregor Avenue.

• Residents are responsible for disposing of all sandbags properly after use.

• During emergencies, the Town of Estes Park provides up-to-date emergency information, including high water and sandbag information. The News Desk will be updated in emergencies, visit Subscribe to receive Town updates in your email inbox by emailing


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