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Owls Of Estes Park

There are six owl species that make the Estes valley and Rocky Mountain National Park their home. The largest of these is the Great Horned Owl. This magnificent bird is about two feet tall and has a wingspan of roughly four feet. Their most frequently heard call is a series of low hoots often translated to a kind of  “Whoo, whoo, whoooo, who, who.” Great Horned Owls do not build a nest, but use whatever pla ...

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You May Be Attracting Mountain Lions To Your Property Without Even Knowing It

Colorado's abundant wildlife is often cited by residents as one of the things they like best about living here. During the mid and late 20th century, Colorado's growth brought people in closer contact with deer, elk and other wildlife species, to the delight of a new generation of wildlife watchers. But one of these wild animals is the mountain lion, a powerful predator that while secretive by nature, has b ...

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Discarded Fishing Tackle Can Cause Death For Wildlife

By: Kris Hazelton The banks of Lake Estes are often full of  people fishing, men, women and children  enjoying a day chatting and fishing, bonding at the lake, laughing, sharing stories and creating special memories. But, there can be an ugly side to this picturesque image. Shore birds are being hooked and snared in fishing lines left by fishermen, sometimes inadvertently, yet sometimes carelessly discarded ...

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Missing Enda

To The Editor: I first met Enda Mills Kiley when we visited the Enos Mills cabin during the early 90s. My mother, who lived in Lyons, loved to visit with Enda, and suggested we go meet her. I am looking right now at a picture of my daughter, Meghan, with Enda, probably in about 1997. The picture is one of my treasures. In the fall of 2005, we were thrilled to be in Estes Park for the annual meeting of the E ...

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Fall Brings Greater Risk To Colorado Motorists And Wildlife

As November begins and daylight saving time ends (November 2), Colorado motorists face a higher risk of being involved in a wildlife-related accident. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), November sees more car accidents involving wildlife than any other month. "Fall is a particularly dangerous season for motorists and wildlife," said Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) Hunter Educ ...

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Hunters Encouraged To Submit Deer And Elk For CWD Testing

Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) offices will be open extended hours during the 2008 deer and elk rifle seasons to answer hunter's questions, sell licenses and offer testing services for chronic wasting disease (CWD). In addition to normal weekday hours, many DOW offices will be open Columbus Day, Veterans Day and opening Saturdays during the main deer and elk rifle hunting seasons. Many high-demand loca ...

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