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Elk Falls Into Empty Pool

A female elk wandered in to Glacier Lodge on Highway 66 and fell through a tarp covering an empty pool last Thursday afternoon, prompting a rescue operation by wildlife officers, volunteer firefighters and good samaritans. The young cow landed in the bottom of the lodge owner’s pool. The pool was empty except for a foot or so of collected rainwater in the deep end. The elk struggled to get itself out of the ...

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Bears Are Opportunistic Feeders Take Precautions To Avoid Conflicts

By: Kris Hazelton The bears are hungry in and around Estes Park and the Division of Wildlife is reminding residents and visitors to always be bear aware. Because they are large omnivores, bears are nearly always on a search for food. Wild foods are essential for bears-berries, insects, plants and carrion. But when people fail to store garbage, pet food or bird feeders properly, bears will find those easy fo ...

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DOW – Stow Away Any Bear Attractants

By: Kris Hazelton The past few weeks two young cinnamon colored yearling bears have been seen in and around the Fall River area getting into trash cans, dumpsters, bird feeders, grills and pet food bowls for a quick and easy meal. According to Rick Spowart, Division of Wildlife Manager, “Unless people change their habits, these bears are doomed to die a tragic death!” Spowart and local Bear Aware volunteers ...

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Beaver Causes Fire

At the beaver pond on Fish Creek Road Wednesday evening, a beaver chewed down a tree which landed on nearby power lines and caused several small explosions and a small fire where the tree rested on the lines. ...

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Bears Coming Out Of Hibernation, Take Precautions To Avoid Conflicts

Bears are emerging from their long winter naps throughout Colorado, and the Division of Wildlife is reminding residents and visitors to always be bear aware. At this time of year, bears will be looking for new plant growth and fresh grass to eat to help them restart their digestive systems. But bears, once they are up and running, are opportunistic feeders and will exploit any available food supply, includi ...

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Rare Mandarin Duck Spotted In Estes Park

By: Dick CoeOn Friday, April 3rd, this Mandarin Duck was seen at Lake Estes and subsequently on the Fall River on Saturday, at least a mile west of Lake Estes. The Mandarin Duck is native to Asia and is seen in our zoos, private collections and can be table fare at Chinese restaurants but it is very rare to see anywhere else especially here in Estes Park. One was reportedly seen this winter at City Park in ...

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Mountain Lion Information Being Sought

Its time to be informed and reminded that the mountain lions are becoming quite active. These awesome animals are around the Estes Valley and surrounding areas and cat researchers and DOW volunteers \are asking for your help in locating any lions in the area. The Rocky Mountain Cat Conservacy and DOW educational and response volunteers are available when there are sightings, kill sites or animal tracks to i ...

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