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Deer In Christmas Lights

By: Kris Hazelton We’ve been getting lots of photos of this mule deer buck entangled with a string of Christmas lights. Some may underestimate the dangers posed by strings of Christmas lights, swings on swingsets, volleyball nets, tetherballs, etc. Wildlife officials say this problem occurs regularly when the deer and elk practice spar with things like hammocks, volleyball nets, tire swings, or anything tha ...

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Aggressive Elk Suspected in Death of Horse

By: Kris Hazelton On September 20, Marianna Lewis came home to find a horrific scene in her horse corral. Her prized and much loved ‘Peacock,’ a Tennessee Walker mare was lying still and lifeless, covered with blood. Upon closer investigation, Marianna noticed four, deep puncture wounds on her beloved horse. The deepest wound in her chest was frothing and foaming and being a nurse, Marianna knew that her ho ...

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Local Researcher Looking For Volunteers

As fall approaches birds begin their migration south. As you have noticed, most of the bluebirds and hummingbirds have already left the Estes Valley. Well, there is a much lesser known species moving through the valley right now. This species however, moves after dark. Theses little birds are Northern Saw-whet Owls. This adorable little owl moves through the area from late September through the middle of No ...

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Camping In Bear Country

Most camp sites west of 1-25 are in bear country. Bears that learn that people have food routinely visit camp sites, picnic areas and resorts in hopes of find­ing an easy meal. If you want to avoid problems for yourself and the bears, make sure there’s nothing to attract bears to your camp. Stash Your Trash Use bear-proof containers when available. If they’re full, double bag trash and lock it in your trunk ...

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Wildlife Can Entangle Themselves In Just About Anything!

Homeowners encouraged to bring in or stow away items elk may tangle with By: Kris Hazelton, CDOW Volunteer The elk rut in the Estes Valley is underway and the Colorado Division of Wildlife now urges everyone to please look around your homes, yards and businesses for items that the bulls may get tangled up in. When bull elk are pumped up with testosterone, anything that moves can be of interest to that bull. ...

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Lake Estes Trail Elk Management Volunteers Needed

By: Stan Gengler, Executive Director Elk are present in the community year-round. Most of the time, they are very passive and casually walk throughout the community. During elk calving season their attitude can change greatly. Cow elk are very protective of the calves and potential conflicts with humans are possible. The Lake Estes trail is a popular location to walk dogs and during calving season, cow elk ...

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Bears Are Coming Out Of Hibernation And They’re Hungry!

By: Kris Hazelton The CDOW has begun getting calls about bears coming out of hibernation. These bears are hungry and the Division of Wildlife is reminding residents and visitors to always be bear aware. Because they are large omnivores, bears are nearly always on a search for food. Wild foods are essential for bears-berries, insects, plants and carrion. This early in the season however, the plant life is st ...

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Hawk Watch

By: Dick Coe On Sunday, October 10th, I was wiping dishes when I noticed that there was no bird activity at two feeders off the east deck of our home. I always become suspicious and concerned for the birds as they pretty well know when a predator is around and they attempt to hide in dense cover. Yet I have seen hawks pick off birds at feeders or crash into dense cover and get a bird. It was 2:45 p.m. and I ...

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